The Generation of a Schism Upon the Collective Unconscious

The Generation of a Schism Upon the Collective Unconscious


I don’t know if it was my recent research into the event known as the Harvest Ritual at Paradise or something else, but I felt a great sense of dread when I read this article on CNN.  The article, titled “Darkest Material on Earth Will Create a ‘Schism” for Winter Olympics,” includes phrases such as:

  • Vantablack is so uncomfortably black the human eye can’t quite decipher what it is seeing
  • ‘Void of infinite depth’
  • schism in space
  • you’ll enter as though you’re being absorbed into a cloud of blackness

What is all of this about?  As fate would have it, the South Korean 2018 Winter Olympics will feature a building “that will have four curved walls, but will look rather 2-dimensional from a distance, resembling a crevice through which you peer into the depths of space. This effect will be doubled by tiny lights, appearing as stars, that will be placed onto the structure.”  The architect responsible for this structure is Asif Khan.  Khan’s vision is to have the visitors of the Olympics encounter is “cloud of blackness” when entering Olympic Park.

article is here : ‘

How is this Possible?

Fortunately for the human race, a British firm called Surrey NanoSystems developed a material called Vantablack roughly three years ago.  The material is not a color, but the absence of color.  As the CNN article notes, “one square centimeter of Vantablack consists of about one billion carbon nanotubes spaced perfectly apart. When light comes in it is bounced around and ultimately trapped and converted to heat.”  These artificially grown nanotubes will absorb 99.96% of light it comes into contact with (99.96 is an interesting number to include here, not the 99.965 referenced on the manufacturer’s website).

What is it Used For?

Available for 95,000 USD

Promoted as the darkest man-made substance in the world, Vantablack is so distressingly black the human eye can’t quite decipher what it is seeing. As such, it is thought to be the closest construct to a black hole we will ever experience. With its ability to confuse and distort the human body, Surrey’s website states that “Vantablack absorbs more than just visible light, and is equally-effective across a whole range of the spectrum that is invisible to the human eye.  It is used in applications ranging from space-borne scientific instrumentation to luxury goods, and its ability to deceive the eye opens-up a whole range of possibilities in design.”

One could probably argue fairly safely that this material is also relevant to any sort of military industrial project work, as well as to the musings of global corporate agendas.  We now see it is as being used for entertainment purposes in the upcoming 2018 Winter Olympics.  Yet given the cost of Vantablack, I highly doubt that Khan’s philosophical black hole/ structure at the Olympic Gates will be used for “entertainment purposes” alone.

With all that in mind, let’s once more wax and wane of the esoteric.

The “Bypassing the Magician” Hypothesis

As previously discussed on this site, my thesis of fiction is as such:

  • The Jungian perspective of the collective unconscious is the Abyss
    • Call it the Tarot’s Fool, the Gnostic Pleroma, or the Godhead (or whatever else fits the idea of the infinite, lack of polarity, lack of form, etc.)
  • The Magician was either a) aborted from the Abyss, or b) intentionally conjured from the Abyss, or c) something entirely else beyond our comprehension
    • The Magician is able to generate a return upon “energy/primordial waters/whatever you want to call it”
    • The product of that generation includes the world we observe
    • The Magician is possibly the Gnostic Demiurgis and Prime Deity
  • The Magician generated the material world through the utilization of what mystical adepts call the Tree of Sephiroth
    • The Tree is the Program that places parameters around our existence and physical world
    • The Tree of Life is dependent upon the Abyss
    • The Tree was constructed by the Magician
  • Humanity, as a by-product of the workings of the Magician, and its inherent consciousness too is attached to the Abyss
    • Human consciousness is attached to the collective unconsciousness through the subconscious
    • Whether the Magician intended for any this is unknown/unclear

Returning to Jung’s idea of the Trinity,  the Trinity is a movement from One, the Other, and the Third.  The Other is opposed to One, as One “seeks to hold to its one-and-alone existence.”  The One can not exist without the Other, yet the Other pushes away from the One in order for it too to exist.  Only through this tension and combination of opposites will a release occur, out of which comes the Third.  Therefore, from a fictional perspective:

  • One = the Fool / the Abyss / the Godhead
  • Other = The Magician / the Demiurgis / Prime Deity
  • The Third = the Material World (including us)

All that being said, a select group of initiates within our ancestors discovered this grand secret.  Through hundreds of years of experimentation through various rites and rituals, this group discovered it too could manipulate the Abyss byway of the collective unconscious. Small adjustments to the Program can take place with small groups of people, but manipulation of large groups of people and their pooled subconscious can yield much more dramatic adjustments.  Yet this group can only “nudge” the Universe, for any full out adjustment to the Magician’s program will generate an outcome of nullified existence.

Again, this is just fiction.

Why Am I Rehashing My Piece of Fiction?

I return to this idea of the “Darkest Winter Games of 2018.”  The Olympic Games, under the watchful archetype of the Fire of Prometheus,  will be held in a highly charged area of the world, South Korea.  We have witnessed the Disneycorps of the world pushing the narrative of North Korean nuclear Armageddon for quite some time over the past year.  Let’s call that a “priming of the gateway to the collective unconsciousness/priming of the spell.”  Next, we see the 2018 Winter games being set in a part of the world close in proximity to the nuclear monster that is North Koreans in February 2018.  Let’s call that “the rattle on the gateway to collective unconsciousness/start of the actual ritual.”  The Opening Ceremonies on February 9, 2018 will unfold in front of thousands of observers in attendance. What will all of these people share in common?

A previous experience with a structure that is covered in material that is the blackest of black and representative of the absence of light, color, and form.  An encounter with a substance that confuses the body and the mind and is representative of a “schism in space.”  An encounter that will confuse a massive number of people who already have a “charged subconsciousness.”  Let’s call that “a statistically significant optimal gateway to the collective unconsciousness/performance of spell.”

If I were to speculate further on the upcoming event, I would suggest that something very nasty is going to either be inserted into or withdrawn from the collective unconscious on February 9th, 2018, possibly through the Opening Ceremony.  What exactly that will be, I have no idea.  At the very least, I’ll have something interesting to watch on television that night.

However, this is all just fiction, so it really doesn’t matter what I think.

Final Thoughts

Do I think the elite are agitating and manipulating the population’s subconscious to open up a portal into our world for the demogorgon at the Darkest Winter Olympics in South Korea.  I doubt it.  Do I think the elite are agitating and manipulating the population’s subconscious to sell more cans of Coke, or sell more televisions?  Possibly.

We do know that things like “UFO sightings are at all time highs” and that “Mothman(s) have been seen in the Chicagoland area of Illinois.  Personally, I have always felt that flying saucers and cryptids have much more to do with the research of Jung and Reich than the “nuts and bolts and flesh and blood” explanations.  I think an observation of a UFO in the sky is linked much more to a highly anxious and stressed out world population than to a Space Brother appearing from Venus to spread love and peace.  Of course it’s very woo-woo, but it feels intrinsically correct to me.

Hopefully more to come on events leading up to February 9th, 2018.

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  1. Time will tell, Brave.
    Hoping only rivers of Coke will be spilled that date…. I will prepare my personal nailed baseball bat ready and shining for the greatings to the demogorgon….

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