Nero Redivivus : Saint Paul, Saint Peter, and the Malemute

Nero Redivivus : Saint Paul, Saint Peter, and the Malemute


In an effort to learn more about Earth’s ionosphere, scientists and engineers launched a Terrier-Improved Malemute sounding rocket on June 29, 2017 at 4:25 AM US Eastern time. The rocket lifted off from Wallops Island, Virginia; the rocket carried with it 10 canisters of barium, strontium, and cupric-oxide.  Once airborne and roughly eight minutes into flight, the canisters released the chemicals into the atmosphere.  The outcome of the chemicals injected into the atmosphere was the creation of bluish/green to red colored clouds on Thursday morning that were visible to certain populations on the US Eastern Seaboard.  The clouds were observable from New York to North Carolina, and as far inland as Pennsylvania.

The mission was originally scheduled to launch on May 31st, but due to inclement weather and boat traffic obstacles, managed to be delayed until June 29th, 2017.  The launch on June 29th was the 11th attempt to launch the Malemute into the morning sky.  And with some good fortune, the number 11 proved to be the lucky launch number.

What was the goal of the Malemute rocket mission?  The goal of the chemical dispersion project was to help NASA track the movement and patterns of charged particles in the ionosphere.  The ionosphere rests comfortably between 37 miles and 620 miles in altitude between Earth’s atmosphere and magnetosphere.  The intent of the mission was to manifest artificial clouds that were easily tracked by ground based NASA observatory units.

Did the dispersed chemicals have any ill effect upon the nation’s population?  No, states NASA, as the dispersed chemicals are the equivalent to releasing roughly one pound of material into the atmosphere.  As a NASA FAQ states, “A typical Fourth of July fireworks display releases many times that amount and is much closer to the ground.”

The (Potential) Occult Perspective of the Malemute

Screenshot 2017-07-04 at 8.38.32 AM

Officially, we learned through various press reports that the goal of the mission was to artificially create clouds and track said artificial clouds through NASA ground stations to learn more about the Earth’s ionosphere.  Yet, is it possible there is another agenda in play?  This article will examine the following:

  1. The date of the launch
  2. Numberology attached to the mission

This is an odd one, and of course all of these random observations and data points I intend to bring together could all be coincidence.  Let’s review the data, at the very least.

What’s In a Date?


As fate would have it, June 29th happens to coincide with the Feasts of Saints Peter and Paul.  Many books have been written on these two mystical figures from antiquity, but of interest here is the association of the date to Nero Augustus Caesar.  Nero was of course the infamous Roman emperor who legend has it carried an extremely dark side.  He is said to have seduced married women and young boys, castrated and “married” a male slave, and personally murdered innocent, random people in the streets of Rome.  He was also responsible for the murder of his mother, Agrippina, a crime which ultimately turned Rome against Nero.  After a failed plot to execute the mad emperor, Nero unleashed his fury upon the population, and many more Romans were killed or forced to kill themselves at Nero’s command.

Eventually, Nero committed suicide after the Senate declared him to be a public enemy.  Before his death, however, both Saint Peter and Saint Paul were said to have also been executed with the oversight of Nero.  Saint Peter , one of the original apostles of Christ, was said to have been crucified upside down at the command of Nero in Rome.  The inverted crucifixion was made at Saint Peter’s request, for he thought himself unworthy to be crucified as Jesus was. Saint Paul, on the other hand, is thought to have been decapitated at Nero’s instruction.


“Although they suffered on different days, they were one. First Peter led the way, then Paul followed.”   Nero is said to have “crucified Peter, and slew Paul.”  And the 29th of June happens to be the anniversary of their respective executions (St. Augustine stated the deaths happened on the same date in different years.).

A sidenote: some speculation exists that perhaps Saint Paul was Simon Magus, or that Saint Peter was Simon Magus, or that all them were the Christ.  I think I’ll wait for another opportunity to dig into these ideas, but I believe it safe to say that had these two Saints existed, they definitely were attributed some mystical, possibly Gnostic sensibilities.  The story of Nero, whether fiction or fact, certainly included the desire to end the lives of these two mystical characters of antiquity.

The Malemute : the New 616


The name of the rocket, Malemute, per web available resources, appears to have an origin with the Thiokol Corporation. Per A Dictionary of the Space Age, the rocket’s contractor, Thiokol, carried a tradition of naming its creations with “Indian-related names.”  It may have been named in honor of an Alaskan Eskimo people, or it is possible it was named in tribute to the Alaskan Malamute arctic husky.  Per Wikipedia, the Malamute is a “large breed of domestic dog originally bred for hauling heavy freight because of their strength and endurance.”

At a cursory glance, that tribute makes some sense.  A rocket built for strength and endurance to carry heavy payloads into the sky is named after a dog breed that is bred to haul heavy freight.  Yet the name of the rocket is Malemute, not Malamute.  Is this a simple grammatical error made by some engineer when the time came to name his/her rocket creation?  Or was there another rationale for the naming of this sounding rocket?

If I translate the word ‘malemute’ to Hebrew, I get:


Why would I bother do this?

For what it’s worth, after reading Dr. Israel Regardie’s introduction to 777 and Other Qabalistic Writings of Aleister Crowley, Regardie recommended a simple exercise to better understand a) gematria and b) Allan Bennett’s/Crowley’s Sepher Sephiroth.  He recommends that a student interested in the numerology of words:

  • Purchase an English-to-Hebrew lexicon
  • Randomly pick out an English word (daily, weekly, monthly, etc)
  • Breakdown the Hebrew word equivalency into the word’s gematria value with assistance of this table
  • Compare the gematria value to Crowley’s Sepher Sephiroth, or Crowley’s index of numbers from 1-3321, for reference to other Hebrew word equivalents

He also recommends one to meditate on the similar words, but I’m not that far along in the process, nor do I have the patience. However, I could start with the first steps of Regardie’s recommended exercise.  All that being said, what better word to start with than malemute?

Initially, when I converted the word,


into English per the Google machine, Hebrew equivalents included adjectives such as evil, vicious, wicked, malicious, and sinister.

SnipImage (2)

I then broke down the Hebrew word into the gematria equivalent as such :

ע = 70

ש = 300

ו = 6

ר = 200

מ = 40

The summation is equal to 616.  Again, using Dr. Regardie’s advice, I flipped to page 55 of Sepher Sephiroth and found that Crowley indexed the following to the number 616:

We see a reference to the husks of the anti Tree of Life, possibly Pisces, as well as some very mystical passages regarding the secret message given at Sinai to Moses.  Is this more random clutter to confuse the message?   Or is there perhaps a “there there” to the number 616 and its infusion with the sounding rocket named Malemute? Perhaps… yet let us continue along with 616.

Nero : the Beast of 616


In the 13th chapter of the Revelation, it is stated that “And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.  Here is wisdom.  Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast; for it is the number of a man; and his number is six hundred three score and six.”

To Irenaeus, the number 666 made more sense as a number of mysticism.  The flood came in the 600th year of Noah, and the golden image created by Nebuchadnezzar upon the plains of Babylon was 60 cubits high and 6 cubits wide.  Yet Irenaeus was aware that many writers and manuscripts listed the number 616 as the number of the beast.

Many have attributed the number to a coming Antichrist; the harbinger of Armageddon.  Yet others have found reason to assign the number to some ruler and oppressor of the early church.   Enter once more Nero Augustus Caesar, and Nero redivivus.  It is said that Nero, the Wounded Beast, would return from the dead. Per the Oracles of Cyble, it is stated that:

“There shall be at the last time about the waning of the moon, a world convulsing war, deceitful in guilefulness.  And there shall come from the ends of the world of the earth a matricide fleeing and devising sharp-edged plans.  He shall ruin all of the earth, and gain all power, and surpass all men in cunning. That for which he perished he shall seize at once.  And he shall destroy many men and great tyrants, and shall burn all men as none other ever did.”

History states that contemporaries of Nero feared his return from the Abyss with hordes of demons in tow.  Nero redivivus would indeed be a sign representing the last of days.  Returning to the intent of the article, Nero Caesar, in Greek and translated to Hebrew, equates to 666.  Nero Caesar, in Latin, converted to Hebrew, however, equates to 616. Neron Kesar, in Hebrew, converts to 666.  Nero Kesar, (the n is left off on the end), converts to 616.

SnipImage (3)

Whether the number of the Great Beast is 666 or 616, of course, we have no idea, but it is curious that 616 appears attached to Malemute, to Nero, and in turn, an important date in Roman antiquity that Nero oversaw.  Does it mean anything, and is any of it intentional?  I have no idea, but again, the cloud manifestation event appears to carry the unique symbology.

Other Numbers of Interest

Lust-the-Thoth-DeckThe number eleven is strong with this piece of NASA history.  I hate to do it, but let us once more put on our Crowley vision glasses and return to the number 11, for it is the supposed number of great magic. For starters, the number 11 represents the Abyss, or the Sphere of Daath.  It is here that Crowley’s infamous cosmic entity, Chronozon, dwells between the Superior Triad (Kether, Chokmah, and Binah) and the manifested material world.  Daath is the “Black Night of Soul,” and as such, is supposed to have been confronted by many early 20th century occultists en route to the supposed Great Work and the Great Harlot.


One can also turn to Crowley’s Magick: Liber Aba, wherein he states that “generally the most useful and adaptable battery is composed of eleven strokes.”  He goes on to state elsewhere that :

  • 11 is the number of magick itself
  • •11 is the sacred number par excellence of the new Aeon
  • 11 is the summation of the pentagram (the microcosm) and the hexagram (the macrocosm)
  • •11 is the number of letters in the word ABRAHADABRA, which is the word of the Aeon, or of the Great Work
  • 11 is representative of the Tarot Lust (which Crowley converted from the standard Strength – see above image)
    • Thoth’s Lust card lends itself once more to the oft used image of Babalon, the Mother of Abominations and the Sacred Whore…riding in ecstasy upon the Great Beast, the Scarlet Woman beckons the traveler beyond the Abyss and beyond the grand illusions and falsehoods manifested by Choronzon

•11 attaches all spheres of operation

What does “11 attaches all spheres of operation” imply?  Crowley returns to the Qabbalistic Tree of Life, and mentions that one should create an equation that takes the number of the Sephira, or station, and subtract it from the number 11.  The example he includes is that if the magician wishes to work a ritual involving Chokmah, or Wisdom, which correlates to the number 2, he/she must then use station number 9, Yesod, or Foundation, to balance the ritual’s “energy.”  I am personally not a magician, and am not available to comment on this equation, but it appears to tie to some type of meditative balancing act.

The number eleven in the Malemute mission is frequent; we see the number included in the following:

  • Strontium = 38 (atomic number) = 3 +8 =11
  • Barium = 56 = 5+6 = 11
  • Cupric Oxide = Copper = 29 (2 + 9 = 11) and Oxygen (8)

Only oxygen is the odd element out, sitting with the atomic number 8.  Other elevens include:

  • June 29 = 2+9 = 11
  • Time of launch : 4:25 = 4+2+5 = 11
  • Launch attempt = 11

Again, is any of this intentional?  Or is all of this random?  I haven’t a clue, but again, it is there.  My best guess is that someone was a fan of Crowley in respect to the mission and chose to utilize the number for some occult reason.  Whether that impacts the materiality of the Universe or the collective unconscious, I have no opinion on…

“In a Chemical World, It’s Very, Very, Very Cheap”


I’m not sure what to make of this mission.  We see quite a few “tributes” to Nero and to the number eleven.  Whether that was intentional or not, I cannot speak to, but the clues appear to be inserted into this event, and more importantly, coverage of this event.

I do find the idea of this as some type of subverted marketing campaign championing chemical aerosols somewhat appealing.  Whether or not one believes in the concept of chemtrails, the media has most certainly been pushing the image of plane trails in the sky harder than in the past.  You see them at monstrous sporting events, in car commercials, and in other types of modern media images.


A quick side note: for example, as many of you may know, I fully admit to watching Disneycorp’s demiurgic Universe known as the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise.  In this most recent series, I noticed many plane chemtrails/contrails included in images of the sky during the show’s run.  I can’t speak to whether the frequency of such images has increased season over season, but I noticed quite a few shots of the sky with streaks of “plane discharges” hovering above in the sky above. Fellow ‘sconnie Peter may not have found love for the right reasons, but he certainly found plenty of plane trails in the skies above him.

The malemute mission appears to also support “positive reinforcement” of chemical dispersion into the atmosphere.  If one were to look at news coverage of the event, we see phrases such as:

  • NASA to create colorful clouds in the night sky
  • NASA created a stunning show of artificial clouds in the night sky
  • NASA created a “spectacular show in the sky”
  • More beautiful than any fireworks
  • An ‘early Independence Day fireworks display”

Again, the data is there, but it is messy!

Or Is This Something Else

Is this mission a “magical, supercharged vigil” related to geoengineering?  Is this a ritualized summoning of the Great Beast?  Or is it simply a mission designed to spray harmless chemicals into the atmosphere, at 4:25 am in the morning, to generate harmless clouds used to learn more about Earth’s upper atmosphere?  Most scientists would argue with the latter, but those more inclined to be skeptical at our master’s motives would side with the former.

I speculated here that the mission might be an attempt to manipulate the Abyss and the Program of Creation, but given the launch time and number of people likely awake to observe the incident, that too seems like a work of fiction.


While thinking about this article over the past two months, I have seen multiple “chemtrail crosses/x’s” in the sky. I’ve never seen “airplane created sky crosses” before,  yet I could probably recount at least ten observations in Wisconsin in June and July, and even one I observed while visiting southern Utah in August.  Throw in the idea of the inverted cross of St. Peter that I recently learned of and…I don’t know…as I mentioned before, it’s all very, very peculiar.

I can’t quite put my finger on this one, but similar to last year’s October Horse event, I feel as if something perhaps happened that is beyond my knowledge set. Of course, I might be connecting those proverbial imaginary dots that don’t exist.  Or I might be cherry picking coincidences.  The whole thing is bizarre to me, but it might be bizarre only to me!

So please, if you have a chance to read this one, please throw some feedback out there for me and others.  What did I miss?  Are there other numbers in play?  What might I have overlooked?  And more importantly, what do you think is possibly going on?

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  1. Interesting observations are always.
    All of those chemicals 11 x 8 = 88. I think 88 is numerologically related to Thoth/Hermes/Mercury who appears to be significant.
    8 on the Tree is Hod, with the mercury symbol.
    There was a large number of 88 & Trump news headlines during the last presidential election.
    I’ve concluded the index finger pinky finger hand signal is to this Mercury deity and not necessarily to lucifer/satan or are they one and the same? Is Nero another incarnation of this deity?
    You’ve obviously picked up on the 11’s. I think the launch time might also be 9-11.

    This 9-11 seem extremely important. A lot of people are pondering on it now. Crrow and Co etc. I think we are close to grasping the real significance of it. It might be simply a skip or jump over or bypassing completion ( 10) back to beginning like a ground hog day kind of cycle – ouroboros. Keeping things going around and around, avoiding the end.

    Perhaps there is an end or finality they are trying to avoid until they can find a way out. Perhaps they are short circuiting something. Stalling. Buying time. Perhaps it is a judgement. Or perhaps it is stalling while something else is being prepared or coming.

    1. Interesting regarding the Trismegistus…thanks! I like your idea of the cycle 0-9, and the reversion back. It sort of fits with the Tarot Cards 0, the fool, and 1, the magician. Ouspensky’s take on the two cards I really enjoy…the idea that the Fool carries all of the elements in a bag, he knows them, but is too foolish to know what do with them (or has long forgotten what to do with them). The Magician, on the other hand, beginning at 1, knows how to manipulate the four elements. Manipulation leads to Creation and manifestation of the Universe. I can’t quite put my thinking in place, but it feels like something might be there with this cylce back to zero and 1 at a very abstract level. Thanks again 303 !

  2. Curiously you mentioned 616 and a few hours after I posted, I was watching a program on the Shroud of Turin. In it they mentioned that there is this other “cloth” which appears to have been placed over the face of a person after death. Sudarium of Oviedo. The patterns on this cloth exactly match the patterns on the shroud. So the thinking is they are connected to the same death/event.

    Interestingly this cloth is said to have been in Spain since 616 AD. I can’t find a written reference to this specific year. Only what was said in this program. It is claimed to have been taken from Palestine in 614, so 616 in Spain is possible. Curious timing. It was followed directly by a program delving into the Sephiroth. Even curiouser timing.

    I learned that 9 is The Foundation and this is considered to be the Phallus. Which caused me to then think back to Your and Crrows work on the Osiris Rex and Philae material. The NASA missions, Osiris resurrections mythology etc.

    Interesting that Foundation (10 on the Sephiroth) is also a key principle of the Freemasonic ideology. Are they thinking the same kind of Foundation? And then through them, we get back to Mercury via VITRIOL.
    I wonder what you think about the possibility that the Scaligerian chronology time line of history is inaccurate or has been padded out? If true, many significant events might have happened at different times. Carbon dating the Shroud of Turin and finding it doesn’t fit with the accepted chronology might not mean it is a fake. The chronology could be what is fake. An interesting catch 22.

    1. 616 seems to be a rich number. For what it is worth, Alan Moore deemed the Marvel Universe currently employed by Disneycorp as Earth-616 back in the 1980’s. Some talk that the number is random, but with Moore making that call, I doubt that very much.

  3. It most definitely is sagesigma. I realized later that it is also the seating arrangement of the last supper and probably that of King Arthur (archer) and his round table. Noting that the last supper was around a round table. 6 disciples, the Christ and 6 more disciples. Interestingly this was also mentioned to me by someone else when corresponding with them. So we are not the only ones to pick these things up.

    When most people think of the famous last supper image they conclude that it is a long table, however looking closely it is actually round, Perhaps the seating arrangement was really 3, 3, 1, 3, 3. In fitting with the Arc of the Zodiac.

  4. James,
    Is it no longer possible to reply or post comments to previous articles on your new site? I wanted to comment on the Blue Beetle article but find no means of doing so on that page. Also, might you incorporate the “Recent Comments” feature on your new site?

  5. Hi James,
    Thanks. The ability to comment on older posts has returned, as has the “Recent Comments” feature. What about displaying the avatars? They add a little color to the page, but they’re not showing on your new site. Not even your monster. 🙃 Also, I was just blocked a few times as a “suspected bot” when I tried to reply.

  6. Hey James,
    Malemute is an alternative spelling. Perhaps it was deliberately chosen to set it apart from the more common spelling. Don’t know, but… you might find this resource helpful in the future:
    SP-4402 Origins of NASA Names

    I enjoyed this article for the number of topics introduced. You had me thinking, searching, reading and… thinking. 👍 With regard to 666, I wonder why King Solomon attracts so little attention as a type of “the beast.” Crowley’s use of the alias and number was moronic. Nothing he did came close to fulfilling the description of “the beast, 666”, or the prophecy, but he was definitely a false prophet.

    Good to see the avatars again. Could be tweaked some more though. 🙃


  7. This is interesting: from The Independent UK.

    A newly discovered fragment of the oldest surviving copy of the New Testament indicates that, as far as the Antichrist goes, theologians, scholars, heavy metal groups, and television evangelists have got the wrong number. Instead of 666, it’s actually the far less ominous 616.

    A newly discovered fragment of the oldest surviving copy of the New Testament indicates that, as far as the Antichrist goes, theologians, scholars, heavy metal groups, and television evangelists have got the wrong number. Instead of 666, it’s actually the far less ominous 616.

    The new fragment from the Book of Revelation, written in ancient Greek and dating from the late third century, is part of a hoard of previously unintelligible manuscripts discovered in historic dumps outside Oxyrhynchus in Egypt. Now a team of expert classicists, using new photographic techniques, are finally deciphering the original writing.

    Professor David Parker, Professor of New Testament Textual Criticism and Paleography at the University of Birmingham, thinks that 616, although less memorable than 666, is the original. He said: “This is an example of gematria, where numbers are based on the numerical values of letters in people’s names. Early Christians would use numbers to hide the identity of people who they were attacking: 616 refers to the Emperor Caligula.

    1. Excellent…I’m definitely looking for 616 in articles moving forward – being a contrarian I think 616 is the number

      1. You think 616 is the number because you’re a contrarian? You’re driving down a one-way, dead-end street in the wrong direction. Nothing like intelligent research and examination of the subjects you write about. You ever use search engines to find things on the web? Like what has already been published on this subject?

        1. Wait..what are you on about? Most podcasts, search engines, and blogs default to 666 without reservation. 666 this and 666 that. 616 is # I don’t hear much about… You upset the Yankees won tonight???

          1. Maybe the number is 303. That’s even less common than 616. You being contrarian and all, um, do the numbers really matter when you’re doing your thing? Ya know, accounting?

            What does Malemute have to do with the “Abomination of Desolation”? Answer: Nothing. What does Malemute have to do with “the mark”? What does it have to do with “the anti-Christ” or “false prophet”?

            All of this Tarot and Crowley garbage is nonsense. The Gematria here is so much foolishness. [Merely my opinion.]

          2. Well yes, it could all be garbage, that I won’t disagree with. The idea of the anti christ being something more than Nero, Crowley being more than a comedic sketch writer, Humperdoo being the savior/25th inbred grandchild of the Christ…yes, it all could be garbage.

            303 is important, but likely only because it’s easier to watch a movie than to read a book. So that number likely has as much value as anything that Irenaeus wrote about. Whether our masters see any value in including these numbers in the stories/naming conventions forced on the public (to play a joke on the population or for some other intent) is a question far beyond my scope of life experience.

            Do you have anything published (non-balderdash, that is) that you would be willing to share with us all? I’m thinking many are curious to read some of the ideas you are willing to share with the masses.

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