How to Manipulate the Universe: A Work of Fiction

How to Manipulate the Universe: A Work of Fiction

I wanted to post this in advance of future articles I plan to publish this year. Call it a working hypothesis regarding the Cosmos, call it science fiction, or call it absolute nonsense. I don’t know quite what to call it either, but this idea has been permeating in my head over the past year while researching various books and contemplating different ideas.

A more appropriate title for this piece of fiction is as such: a hypothesis regarding the origin of the Universe, the collective unconscious, the Program of the Tree, and how to manipulate each variable through the use of color.”

So let’s begin with the idea that this is pure fiction, and see where the rest of the year takes it.

A Brief History of the Fictional Origin of the Universe

Once upon a time, there was a desire in some unbeknownst ruling class to learn how to modify the Universe in order to benefit their interests. This ruling class, throughout history, had always been interested in manipulation of the Universe. Continued manipulation of the Universe allows this unique class to remain atop the social strata of the planet; it also makes the masses continue to be dependent upon the ruling class, as well as find safety and comfort while upon their knees.

How can this unique group of individuals manipulate the Universe? This, as thousands of years of initiation, experimentation, and ritual have proven, is extremely difficult. Yet, as difficult as it may be, it is most certainly possible.

To better understand this process, one must begin with the Abyss. The Abyss is the Void, or the Great Darkness, that existed without structure, content, form, or order. It was the state of things prior to the existence of the Universe. It was primordial chaos. However, something chose to manifest order from this chaos. This something, for a lack of a better term, is the prime Deity, or the Divine.

To generate order from chaos, the prime Deity utilized a system that many refer to as the Tree of Sephiroth. The Tree of Sephiroth is the age old, oft studied and cited, mystical Hebrew Tree of Life.  The Tree of Sephiroth is essentially the program (for lack of a better term, let’s call it the ‘Program of the Tree’) that our prime Deity utilized in order to create matter, energy, and life. It contains the ten stations, or Sephiroth, or the ten emanations of the Divine Spirit.  

These ten emanations, through the Program and various subroutines of the Tree, were initially forced upon the Great Void or the Great Abyss through the Lightning Bolt of Creation. This Lightning Bolt, when superimposed upon the Tree of Sephiroth, looks as such:

The pathway traverses from Kether, the Crown, to the Malkuth, the Kingdom. It is the word of the prime Deity, or the map of Creation.

Once the Lightning Bolt or word was initiated, the chaos of the Great Void was manipulated to take shape and form as required by the Program of the Tree, and in turn, generated the material and spiritual Universe as we know it. These shapes, forms, and archetypes (more on that in a bit), are the symbols of the prime Deity.

A Brief Foray into the Fictional Concepts of Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious

The Swiss Mystic


Also integral to the birth of the Universe is also the collective unconscious. The collective unconscious is “part of the psyche which can be negatively distinguished from a personal unconscious by the fact that it does not, like the latter, owe its existence to personal experience and consequently is not a personal acquisition.”(a) The content and material of this collective unconscious is not necessarily acquired by experiences unique to the individual, but rather it is inherited through hereditary mechanism within the human species. Inherent to the collective unconscious is the idea of the archetype, or “definite forms in the psyche which seem to be present always and everywhere.”

The idea of the collective unconscious is also synonymous with the concept of the Universe, for the collective unconscious is the Universe, and the Universe is the collective unconscious.  Whether it is a sphere that exists in a four dimensional space, or something else quite entirely different, the two concepts are one in the same.  As the Swiss mystic stated at one point in his career while giving a lecture at the Tavistock Institute:

“The world is our picture.  Only childish people imagine that the world is a projection of the world of the self, as the latter is an introjection of the world. If you stepped beyond that picture you would cause an earthquake in the ordinary mind, the whole cosmos would be shaken, the most sacred convictions and hopes would be upset, and I do not see why one should wish to disquiet things.”

We randomly or intentionally draw upon the collective unconscious at all times, and the information from this collective unconscious leaks its way into our own individual active consciousness.  Once in our active consciousness, the information can manipulate our decision making and our feelings towards the external world.  Once activated, the shared, collective unconscious can trigger revolution, anger, stability, peace, and other emotions in the aggregate of the populace. The collective unconscious, much like our physiological traits, is shared between all individuals.

Yet one cannot directly engage or manipulate the collective unconscious.  It may be shared between all human beings, yet one cannot sample it, test it, experiment with it, or directly observe it.  Whether one is a scientist, a psychiatrist, or even a magician, one can only indirectly experience the collective unconscious.  The aggregate that is the collective unconscious can only be inferred to exist through the recognition of archetypes and symbols inherent to us all.

The Program of the Tree’s Fail Safe: The Tree of Qliphoth

As noted, we have seen the following thus far. Chaos, which in turn was manipulated into structured matter, energy, and spirit by the Program of the Tree, or the Program of the Prime Deity. Included in this restructuring of chaos is both the Universe and the collective unconscious. The flow of information is two ways. The ongoing Program of the Tree of the Sephiroth feeds the structure of the Universe and its companion the collective unconscious. In turn, the Universe and the collective unconscious feed information back into the Program of the Tree. What should happen should information from the Universe fall out of range, or out of specification, per the Program? A Program of Correction would happen; thus, the Program of the Tree was also built to include a system of checks and balances.  This, as 20th century mysticism discovered, is the inverted Tree of Qliphoth.  

The Qliphoth is the antithesis of theTree of the Sephiroth; the shadows, husks, or shells in polar opposition to the ten Sephiroth of the Tree of Life.  A conception of 20th century Western occult philosophy, this tree of death, as Crowley-adept Israeli Regardie stated, consisted of ten spheres of antagonism to the ten spheres of the Tree of Life.  They are “the Evil Demons of Matter and the Shells of the Dead.”  

A classic example of how the two pieces of the program would be as such:

The Seventh Sephiroth of the Tree of Life is Netzach, or Victory.  Victory is balanced by Hod, or Glory, the Tree’s Eighth Sephiroth.  Netzach represents the Divine’s qualities of “victory and force,” and contains the ability of raw, emotional, and passionate energy to overcome obstacles.  Hod balances this raw and passionate energy of Netzach by carrying with it the Divine’s qualities of self-control and ability to use reason.  However, should this unique equation become unbalanced, the Qliphoth of A’arab Zaraq manifests.  Should creation no longer balance Netzach and Hod, leading creation to carry “uncontrolled passion, desire, greed and covetousness,” the Ravens of Dispersion unfold to destroy creation.  

Why did the Prime Deity choose to include these checks and balances on its creation? Again, the Universe/collective unconscious receives information from the program of the Tree of the Sephiroth. Simultaneously, the Tree of Sephiroth (and Qliphoth) receives information from the Universe and collective unconscious.  Should the Universe/collective unconscious be altered or manipulated beyond the original design of the Creator, the combination of the Sephiroth and Qliphoth generate an outcome to halt this artificial manipulation.  Call it a safety valve, or a failsafe. These checks and balances are the Prime Deity’s safeguard against allowing creation to be manipulated or altered by something other than IT.  

Yet, dear reader, the prime Deity has since moved on or lost interest in its Creation, and the Sacred of the population, having learned of this eons ago, have recognized opportunity.  The Sacred, fully aware of the safeguards in place in the program of the Sephiroth and Qlipoth, cannot fully change the program to benefit the ruling class.  However, after many years of testing the limits of the program’s safeguards, the Sacred have realized that key sections of code in the program can be “slightly adjusted” to manipulate the masses, for whatever reason. This slight adjustment will not initiate the full reaction of the Qliphoth, and therefore ensures that existence continues.  One method to generate an adjustment to the program is manipulating the collective unconscious (again connected to both the Universe and to the Program of the Tree) through artificial means. Let’s pretend, for a moment, that the collective unconscious can be falsely manipulated through the use of color.

The Fictional Basis of Casting a Spell to Manipulate the Population

One day, this small ruling class group of people wished to convert a large group of people carrying within their subconscious the worship of the Sun to the subconscious worship of Luna. The subconscious worship of the Sun exists as an archetype, or primordial symbol, that has existed within the human species’ collective unconscious since the dawn of time. To manipulate such a conversion, this small ruling class has discovered that the forced observation of the color violet upon the masses leads indirectly into the threads of the Universe? Why violet?

Violet, per the works of the Swiss mystic, is the color of the archetype. It exemplifies mysticism, and being a compound of red and blue, or instinct and spirit, epitomizes the energies of the archetype. Violet represents the supernatural energy that “transcends the tensions of the opposites (instinct/spirit).”

Regarding a possible impact of violet on the observer’s subconscious (again, tied to the collective unconscious), violet is very powerful. When used in combination with other colors, violet can rattle and open the observer’s subconscious to information. It can induce a sensibility of spiritual awareness, authenticity, decadence, and inferiority. Being the shortest visible wavelength on the spectrum prior to ultraviolet rays, it too is representative of the cosmos, time, and space. The color violet also communicates a message or information to the subconscious faster than any other color. In essence, it is the ideal color with which to efficiently insert information into the collective unconscious.

Priming a Fictitious Magic Spell

All this being said, let us return to fantasy. Returning to the idea that the ruling class has chosen to manipulate a primordial archetype of solar worship to lunar worship, this group of people has chosen to utilize an event that artificially forces a large population of the masses to observe the color violet. To do this, the spell casters have chosen to use the following sequence of events:

  • On the day of the Summer Solstice, when the Sun’s energy is at the peak of its power, a rocket will be launched high into the atmosphere
  • The rocket will be launched over a highly populated portion of the world; in this case, let’s pretend that the rocket is launched over southern California in the US
  • Once launched and at an appropriate altitude, the rocket will release chemicals into the atmosphere
  • The chemicals, in turn, artificially create clouds of various colors, with clouds of violet being the primary color of choice
  • Having previous access to many media outlets, the rocket launch has garnered much attention, and millions have turned their eyes to the skies on the night of the rocket launch
  • With millions of observers simultaneously engaged upon the clouds of color, a portal to the collective unconscious is briefly opened through the use of the violent color of violet
  • Once opened, information is inserted; a “nudge,” in some unbeknownst piece of data is placed to modify the symbol and appreciation of the Sun
  • Moving forward, and spell completed, the archetype of Sun worship has been slightly altered.

How is the information inserted into the collective unconscious? What means have the ruling class learned to effectively insert new code into the Program of the Tree? That will have to wait until chapter of the story. Yet at the very end of this short story of fiction, the memories and appreciation of our ancestors respect for the birth, life, death, and resurrection of the Sun have been altered. Those distant memories within our shared consciousness have been slightly altered to reflect a lesser appreciation of Sol and a greater appreciation of the cycle of Luna. To what end? Or course, I have no better idea than anyone else. Yet for some reason, in this story, a decision was made and a “spell” was cast. Let us hope that the Qliphoth of Lilith is not enraged!

A Fictional Conclusion

Of course, all of this is simply fiction. Yet if minuscule grain of it were true, the consequences would be extraordinary. The idea that the Universe is open to manipulation is staggering, and if this manipulation is possible, keeping knowledge of it from the Profane of the population would be principal to the guardians of the secret. The need for a secret class of initiates and adepts would be paramount for those who rule, and would be critical to keep a ruling class in place. What good could come of a cost accountant in Wisconsin who knew how to bend the Universe in his favor? Nothing at all, the ruling class would likely argue.

Again, all of this is just fiction, so I wouldn’t worry too much about any of this. And, in the coming days, should a rocket be sent high into the night sky dispersing chemicals and creating clouds of violet for the sake of science, worry not; for science would ever impart ill will upon the populace.

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  1. What next? Alligator lizards in the air? Purple rain? Maybe… clouds of Tyrian purple?

    One day you’re flying through space on the way to Jupiter with Kubrick and Nietzche, the next day you’re hanging out with Jung, the psychologist who explored synchronicity. And you’re talking about changing the Universe by launching rockets.
    But Crowley? That might involve a Rocket to Uranus. Is that your thing?

    I’d like to introduce a philosopher who has an interesting theory about a particular color. I hope that’s okay.

    1. A rocket to Uranus? Let’s hope not! Please feel free to add the philosopher here! And I think the comments work here?

      1. Postponed Launch
        “The vapor tracers are formed through the interaction of barium, strontium and cupric-oxide. ”
        What? No purple rain?

  2. “Why is there no blue food? I can’t find blue food—I can’t find the flavor of blue! I mean, green is lime; yellow is lemon; orange is orange; red is cherry; what’s blue? There’s no blue! ‘Oh,’ they say, ‘blueberries!’ Uh-uh; blue on the vine, purple on the plate. There’s no blue food! Where is the blue food? We want the blue food! Probably bestows immortality! They’re keeping it from us!”

    — George Carlin, philosopher

  3. Yay! Good to read your work again! I’ve missed your style.
    The purple color is interesting. It denotes the crown chakra as well. Oddly(?) I found this in reference to the symbol for the crown chakra- Another reference to the full moon!

    The symbol of the Crown chakra is composed of:

    A circle
    A thousand petals
    “The dominating color of the crown chakra symbol is white. Its petals are multicolor, like a rainbow. The circle is sometimes compared to the symbol of the full moon.”
    Thanks for another thought provoking post!

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