Breaking Down the Hatybov Mythos : A Perspective from Europe

Breaking Down the Hatybov Mythos : A Perspective from Europe


The Hatybov mythos? What more can be said? I have always stated that the material is possibly a mix of science fiction, allegory, the motion picture The Matrix, and other random philosophies. One can see the work of Pythagoras, Robert Anton Wilson, and even Gurdjieff popping up randomly within the basis of the material. Whether the person existed or not, I still have no idea, but one still sees the name occasionally appear alongside ideas such as the Lunar Wave and even the black goo phenomenon of recent months.

Fortunately, I was recently able to come into correspondence with Dr. Michael Willow, a physicist currently working at a University in Poland. Dr. Willow has much to say regarding the material I have called the Hatybov Mythos, and he was kind enough to grant me a written interview over the past few days.

Dr. Willow has provided many links for further study and reference, and we cover things like the Lunar Wave, the Luna Hatybov article, and even a bit of Nikolai Levashov. So without further hesitation, let’s jump into the conversation.

This interview was conducted May 2 through May 6 of 2017.

Q : Hi Michael, thank you for taking the time to chat with me. Before digging into your work and research, can you tell the readers about a) little bit about yourself and b) how you became aware of the “Hatybov” material?

A: I am a physicist. I have (co)authored about 40 scientific papers in Optics and Solid State Physics, I have published two books with lecture notes in Classical Mechanics and Electrodynamics for graduate students. In my free time among other hobbies are enjoy reading about matters which are out of bounds of “orthodox science”, however I carefully try not to mix these two areas together. I read and speak fluent Russian, and a bit less fluent English and can read German (also old text written in the so called Gothic letters).

About a year ago I stumbled on a “lunar wave” proposed by a gentleman by the nickname Crow. In my opinion his arguments about the extraordinary nature of his discovery are weak, however he mentioned some Russian research which sounded interesting. His mangled pronunciation of a name “Khatybov”, which I believe is the correct transliteration from Cyrillic, but I was able to locate this material and familiarize myself with it.

Q : Ok, that is very similar to how I got involved with the idea of Hatybov, and the idea of the Lunar Wave. Before we dig into the material of this alleged Soviet scientist, I’m curious…what’s your take on the construct of the Lunar Wave?


A: Let’s assume that something strange happens with the Moon. What will be the sequence of steps to carry out, for a scientifically minded person to do, in order to dig out the truth. According to the paradigm of “Occam’s razor” you do not introduce new concepts until old concepts are proven not to work, and start from the simplest explanations going to the more complicated ones, as needed. If you do not perform these steps and instead rush to premature conclusions, nobody in the scientific community would bother to discuss the matter with you. I assume this is not arrogance on their part, but the lack of due diligence on yours.

1. It is “an instrument error”.

In the ideal case you should build your own measuring instruments, or at last have a good knowledge of how they work. In modern days you do not grind telescopic mirrors yourself, but you should at least understand what an optical angular resolution mean, what types of aberrations occur in optical systems etc. In case of a digital camera you should understand how a CCD chip collects light, or how the digital image in created and stored in the memory.

You verify that the instruments are working properly, and that the observed effect occurs independently of a particular instrumental setup.

2. The effect is somehow introduced between your instrument and the observed object i.e. Moon. The media between the Moon and the telescope is the Earth’s atmosphere. Let’s consult a good book on amateur astronomy. If we like to stick with the Russian sources I can cite: “An Amateur Astronomer’s Telescope” by M.S. Navashin, Moscow 1974. In chapter X: “A work with the telescope” we find section 2: “Atmospheric disturbances and observation conditions”. I cite a small paragraph (in my translation):

“If we point our telescope to the Moon and focus the image, we almost always note that the edge of the disk (the “limb”) somehow waves, looks like in a flux, resembling a flag fluttering in a wind. This “flag effect” as it is frequently called is the result of atmospheric waves of different temperature and density moving through the optical path. These waves induce differences in the refractive index of air, and consequently bend the light rays coming from the Moon. Besides the “flag effect” one notes the changes of the sharpness of details of the Moon, the most minute parts of which disappear and reappear constantly.”

Atmospheric waves should influence in the same way, not only the image of the surface of the Moon but also the images of the neighboring stars. Therefore you should try to register them both, probably with two different cameras. The large luminosity of the Moon’s disk prevents to register faint images of stars with a single camera.

A good proof that “lunar wave” is not caused by a local atmospheric disturbance, would be to register it simultaneously from two vantage points, separated by some distance. I believe it would be possible to do with a set of amateur lunar observatories, similar to the amateur weather stations and storm monitor networks, which exist today and are connected in real time by the Internet.

3. Now we are sure that we discovered something real and new, and then begins the exciting part of investigating what it is. First we start by trying to explain the effect by the existing laws of astrophysics. For example: The Moon has no atmosphere of its own, in the conventional sense of a gaseous layer above its surface. Maybe we observe a disturbance in some other kind of matter surrounding the Moon such as as rare ionized plasma. One can find in the literature indications of emissions from the volcanic activity on the Moon’s surface. For example, one Soviet astronomer in the 50-ties was able to obtain a spectrogram of a cloud emitted from the crater Alphonsus.

4. If conventional explanation fails then we began to tie in:

– Moon system of control

– holograms

– gravito-magnetic waves, etc.

5. An independent avenue of research would be to sift through the old literature in search of a description of a similar phenomenon. Unfortunately, modern astronomers do not like to look to the Moon, they prefer to investigate distant galaxies, quasars and hidden planets around dwarf stars.

Modern astronomy begins with Galileo Galilei pointing his refractor at Moon, rings of Saturn and the satellites of Jupiter. I would start from the first description of the surface of the Moon, which is “Selenographia” by Jan Hevelius, and work my way through the volumes of XVIII and XIX century works, which now are available in the internet in the form of scanned books. The explanation of the complex motion of the Moon through the stars was a central problem of Celestial Mechanics in XIX century. The finest result of this research was Brown’s Analytical Lunar Theory. If “lunar wave” is real then clearly somebody of the XIX-century astronomers should have noted it, even as a footnote to his observations.,_sive_Lunae_descriptio

Of course, later on, such a strange phenomenon would certainly be ignored or ridiculed by a new generation of astronomers, as was the case with Mars canals of Giovanni Schiaparelli and Percival Lowell.

By the way, I do not consider Wikipedia as an ultimate source of knowledge, but in some (nonpolitical) areas it can be considered a good and quick start to familiarize yourself with the subject.

Q : I think the methodology you present in approaching any problem, the lunar wave or otherwise, is the perfect example on how to approach the greater mysteries of all of this material. I know a lot of people who read this will search out the literature you are recommending regarding Luna, me included. As we begin to dive into the subject of Hatybov, perhaps Luna is the appropriate place to begin. The article Luna” (see link has been of interest to many in the alternate research community; I’ve tried to make sense of it, but I’m not sure exactly whether the information if fiction, alternate science, or some combination of both. Are you familiar with the piece? If so, what is your interpretation of it?


A: I will present excerpts from his article in my own translation from Russian. In the following X denotes Khatybov’s work. M are my comments in red.

Moon. The most unknown place of the Solar System

Section 1.

X. He starts the article by stating that the Moon has its own UFOs and the Apollo missions are animations.

X. He correctly informs that Muslims use a lunar calendar.

X. He gives a “Vocabulary” which contains a list of some astronomical constants.

M. These can be found in any manual on astrophysics. Values are correct.

X. He lists astrophysical parameters of the Sun, which are correct.

X. He mentions the explosion of the planet “Phaeton”.

M. Between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter there exists a large belt of thousands of small rocks, called planetoids. Astronomers assume that these are remnants of a larger planet called “Phaeton”, which was destroyed a long ago. The exact cause of its destruction is unknown, but the astronomers assume that it was pulled apart by tidal forces of gravitational origin. The Phaeton’s orbit probably crossed the orbit of one of giant planets of our Solar System, such as Jupiter or Saturn.

X. Then he says that Phaeton “blow himself up” in order to destroy two enemy moons.


M. This is a star-wars type phantasy.

X. Then comes the list of correct values of astrophysical parameters of our Moon.

Section 2.

X. He writes that the chemical composition of the Moon contains a lot of sulphur and radioactive rare-earths elements.

M. This may be true or not.

X. Now he states that the Moon is hollow.


M. This idea is not generally accepted in astrophysics, however you can find information about seismic experiments during Apollo missions which yielded anomalous results.

M. Note that there is a logical fallacy contained here. If you do not believe in Apollo missions, then you should not accept results of these experiments as a valid argument that the Moon is hollow. Moreover, you cannot argue about chemical composition of the Moon, if you consider the Moon’s rocks to be fake.

X. He says that the surface of the Moon was created by dust accretion (accumulation) with subsequent heating.

M. This can be considered as a valid astrophysical hypothesis.

X. Then comes the sentence (underlined): “There is nothing on the surface of the Moon”,

M. This is in direct contradiction to the previous sentence.

X. He lists some physical parameters of the internal surface of the Moon (assuming it is hollow) with strange values:

– gravitational acceleration 50% larger than on Earth

– internal light with intensity of 120 lux per square meter


M. This corresponds to an overcast day:

However he gets the units wrong. Lux is a lumen per square meter.

X. – There is some kind of a life support infrastructure protected against outside detection on the Moon.

Moon Defense

M. This sounds like a description of a planet size space-ship. Again star-wars fantasy.

X. Then he states that there are some radiation pulses coming from the Moon to Earth, which can influence the velocity of Moon’s orbit, and are not harmful to the Earth.

M. A real scientific analogy could be the problem of the secular acceleration of the Moon

X. He says that the main reason of “Moon system complexes” is to stabilize the “albedo” value of the Solar System.

M. I think his use of the term “albedo” is misleading. In physics “albedo” means the percentage of the reflected light. For example the surface of the Moon has mean albedo 0.14, i.e. it reflects 14% of the light incoming from the Sun.

X. He mentions that the sequences of “radiations” from the Moon are correlated with Moon’s phases. The largest intensity comes from full Moon, each radiation sequence lasts 6.25 days. There are 4 days with no radiation.

M. If we take this in the conventional sense that the full Moon is most bright and the new Moon is dark then it sounds correct.

X. He says that during the correction of the Moon’s orbit there may appear “a diffraction effect” in the upper layers of Earth’s atmosphere.

M. Diffraction of light and radio waves in the Earth’s atmosphere is an accepted physical phenomenon.

X. He mentions that sometimes one can see multiple Moons, and this effect can last up to 4 hours.

M. The appearance of many Moons and Suns is a known optical effect caused by a suspension of small ice crystals in the cold air.

I personally saw six Suns with my own eyes in winter during a mountain trip.

X. At last he says that the prolonged correction (when the albedo of the Solar System is disrupted) can lead to optical mirage (illusion) and possibly liquidate (destroy) the protective layer.

M. I cannot make sense of this sentence.

Section 3. The metric of the space.

M. “Metric” is a geometric term used in the General Theory of Relativity (GTO).

X. He mentions that clocks at the roof of a skyscraper and in its basement differ.

M. This is the effect of the dilatation of time in the gravitational field, known from GTO.

X. He says he wants to determine the real values of fundamental physical constants.

M. The correct values of which he listed previously. In physics fundamental constants are “fundamental” i.e. we assume that their values do not change in time and do not depend on the position of the observer in space. This is a controversial topic, discussed by many famous physicists.

X. He mentions libration of the Moon and the direction of the Earth’s axis of rotation.

M. No problem with that.

Section 4. The role of the Moon

X. He says that the science knows that the Moon has a large influence on the life on Earth. During the full Moon the pull of the gravitational field of Earth is diminished, hence plants can absorb more water and microelements from the soil. Herbs collected during full Moon are most potent.

M. I can agree with that.

X. He says that the Moon influences the magnetic field of the Earth.

M. I don’t know if this is true, but assume one can easily check that by consulting a book on geomagnetism.

X. He mentions that tidal waves are caused by the Moon. It also affects temperature, pressure and winds in the Earth’s atmosphere.

M. I can agree with that.

X. He repeats that plants’ growth and animal activity depend on the phases of the Moon.

M. This is a common knowledge.

X. He says that people are more aggressive during the full Moon.

M. Maybe.

X. He connects female ovulation with the phases of the Moon. A woman ovulates during the same phase of the Moon as she was born at. Women menstruate during full and new Moon.

M. I cannot verify that, I am a man.

X. More boys are born during waning Moon. Weddings happen during growing Moon, etc.

M. I call it folklore.

X. He mentions that the plane of the Moon’s orbit around the Earth lies at a certain inclination angle to the plane of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun . He presents an illustrating picture.

M. This is common knowledge in elemental astronomy. I believe that the angles presented are more of less correct. However, in reality they are not constant and oscillate around mean values.

Section 5. Astronomical unit of measurement

X. Based on the velocity of the Earth during revolutions around Sun and on the duration of the year he gives the correct value of the mean Earth-Sun distance as 149.5 millions of kilometers. Then he calls this length “a parsec” and states that this is the unit of measurement for the whole Universe.

M. In astronomy, the mean radius of the Earth’s orbit is called “the astronomical unit” denoted by A.U. Parsec is the distance in space, from where one sees the Earth’s orbit under an angle of one arcsecond. This is a large distance equal to 3.26 light years. One usually express distances in the Universe in light years or parsecs.

Mixing parsec and A.U. may be a mistake on his part or a deliberate obfuscation.

Section 5. The real value of astronomical unit of measurement

X. He offers an argument that in reality the trajectory of the Earth in space is a spiral and not the elliptic orbit, because the Solar System moves as a whole in the field of a galactic reper.

M. This is true, if one assumes that by a “galactic reper” he means the center of our galaxy.

X. He states that the center of mass of the Earth is shifted by 221.6 km from its geometrical center, in the direction of the South Pole.

M. I believe this is incorrect.

X. He argues that in this case an elliptic orbit is impossible because the Earth should move in her orbit with the South Pole inclined forward to the direction of her motion, and in reality the South Pole is inclined backward. Then he says that the axis of rotation of an asymmetric top (gyroscope) can only be perpendicular to the plane of the orbit.

M. His arguments are not based on sound physical principles. I should note however, that the problem of rotation of an asymmetric top is one of the hardest in Classical Mechanics.,_Euler,_and_Kovalevskaya_tops

X. He says that the angle of inclination between the plane of Earth’s orbit and the plane of the Earth’s equator is the result of all external forces acting on Earth, including radiation pressure from the Sun, vacuum drag forces and the influence of the gravitational reper.

M. I may agree that these forces influence the motion of the Earth, however current science assumes that this angle and corresponding angles for all other planets were determined during the process of creation of the Solar System and then remained more or less constant, except for the so called secular perturbations.

X. Now he uses the spiral motion model to determine that the real distance between Earth and Sun is less by 9% from the value given by astronomers. In the corresponding picture he adds two velocity vectors of the Earth: around the Sun, and the rectilinear motion through our Galaxy.

M. This is not true. If Earth and Sun move together through the Galaxy, then their mutual distance is unaffected.

X. Then he states that the shorter distance between Earth and Sun means it takes less time for the light to travel from the Sun to the Earth by 41 seconds. He says that this time difference changed the original tempo interval of Earth’s life supporting systems. The unused or missing power from these systems is accumulating and these systems may finally go out of order.

M. This reminds me of current global warming and climate change propaganda.

Section 6. Gravitational reper

X. There is only a simple picture here with a caption.

M. Not much to comment about. I believe that the correct translation of the term “reper” would be “benchmark”, but I will leave the original.

Section 4. The libration of the Moon.

X. He argues that the “wobbling” of the Moon is caused by the spiral motion of the Earth.

M. If we assume that by “libration” he means the term used in astronomy, then his pictures have nothing in common with real astronomy. I may call it at least a gross oversimplification.

Section 7. Practical application of the “parsec” constant

X. He wants to use his value of a “parsec”.

Section 8.1. Control of time

X. He says that any object with the non-inertial mass has its own proper time, which is determined by a pulse generator of a high octave. The Earth has 128-th octave. Single pulse equals one second. Biological tempo is a bit different and equals 1.0007 sec and is generated by colliders. Then comes more sci-fi.

M. This is beyond current physics.

X. Now he says that without this life support system working properly, the life on Earth would cease.

M. You ecologists should take care of Mother Earth.

X. Then he repeats that 41 seconds of time difference may disrupt the life support systems, transmissions of messages may not reach the recipients, and this presents an opportunity for alien civilizations to intervene in our affairs.

Section 8.2 Astronomical structures of coordination control

X. To these structures he counts the Giza pyramid. He lists the angle of the main corridor entrance to the pyramid. He argues that this is equal to the original value of the obliquity of the ecliptic before the existence of the Moon around Earth. In these pre-moon times you should see the Polar Star through this corridor in day-time.

M. As I understand, he uses a basic math to calculate that in the pre-moon times there was no rectilinear motion of the Solar System and the Earth moved around a true elliptic orbit instead of a spiral as it is now.

Section 9. The original reper.

Ursa_Major2 (1)

X. He lists geographical coordinates of “an original reper”: 37.5 longitude east, 54.3750 latitude north. Then he determines that the original direction of the reper points to the fourth star in constellation Ursa Major called Megrez. He reasons that this original reper was created after the appearance of the Moon. Then he cites the opus of Nikolai Morozov entitled “Khristos” = The Christ and there comes and unexpected joke about the Mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov, fired by President of Russia Medvedev in 2010.,37.5,8z

M. original reper is in Malakhovo village near Tula in Russia.

M. I begin to suspect that all of this is a just an elaborate joke to fool the innocent and the gullible public.

Section 10. Orientation

X. He present a schematic explaining the shift from the “starting reper” pointing to the Polar Star, to the “initial reper” pointing to Megrez. He warns that this may lead to long-time disruption of the original life supporting system on Earth.

M. And this is the real cause of global warming.

X. He presents a picture illustrating the evolution of the inclination angle of Moon’s orbit through the last 4 millenia.

M. I could accept that.

X. He says that in the consequence date of Easter is drifting. In Orthodox Church the Easter is called Paskha (or Pascha from Latin Passion), he calls it also the “optimal time”.


M. Maybe. These are bits of Morozov’s research.

Section 11. Communication

X. We will explain the principles of communications between neutron systems by the example of communications with object S64 (code name SS433). Parameters of access: during the translation times: 00:30, 08:30, 16:30 (receiving shifted by 4 hours) the message is emitted into the conical angle of 0.000000248 arcseconds. Assuming the active receiving radius of 124’000 km, the intercept circle will measure 30.75 meters on the zone surface. When the messages are received, 75% of the resonance peak falls into the double radius of the active receiving zone, and can be taken in by any station. Then he gives some more data and numbers (…)

M. Looks like a a pseudo-technical jargon to me. By the way, the angular precision of 0.25 milliarcseconds required to receive these alleged messages is staggering. This can be matched only to recent technical developments in measurement techniques: laser ranging from light reflectors on the Moon and Very Large Base Interferometry. If you do not believe in Apollo missions then this is not for you.

X. The signal is frequency coded. Batches of eight frequencies (called octaves) are used. The whole message contains 2304 letters. Total time of transmission-receiving lasts 38 minutes and 24 seconds.

M. Then he adds some more details, which I suppose are only interesting to people who wish to construct their own receiver.

X. Up to year 1266 transmission was in Hebrew, from 1266 to 2006 in English, now is in Russian. He may just mean that letters from the corresponding alphabet are used.

M. You should really start to learn Russian letters, folks.

X. Now he lists frequencies of lunar transmitters.

M. I will try to catch them with my dish antenna and TV decoder.

Section 13. Lunar luminance

X. He depicts a graph of intensity of lunar emissions as a function of lunar phases. Then he states that the luminosity of the Moon is caused by its internal systems, and by the Sun and the Earth. Then he says that the surface of the Moon reflects nothing, and repeats that its luminosity is conditioned by interference of working frequencies created by the Sun and the Moon, and by the current position of a “communications link”. He calls it “Earth’s shadow” or “a tube”. Then: during the dump of new programs to the Earth one can observe rings (halos) around the Moon, which happens always in the III-rd phase.

M. This is nice sci-fi connected to real optical phenomena.

Section 14. Lunar archive

X. The main function of moons in the Solar System is to perform control of their corresponding hosts (planets). Some of the moons contain the “archive”. The dump of archive data is initiated by commands from the Earth’s Control System. This data is transmitted to the Moon in order to create a new “program”, which fits new conditions already created on the Earth. The work on archive data is performed only by the Moon, however these are standardized to other data, which were obtained during previous captures of other planets in the Universe. There is a powerful computing center on the Moon. However, its abilities were limited by the destruction of two rogue moons and UFOs objects by Phaeton. The original alien complex contained three moons.

M. Space pirates and the Moon death star. Hopefully, Luke Skywalker will destroy them all.

X. He says that the planetoids fall on the Sun creating black spots.

M. He should check his astrophysics.

Section 15. Paskha = Easter

X. He says that the Earth Control Systems are synchronized by the Sun taking into account the Moon’s orbit. Then he puts some real astronomical terms into the mix.

X. The humanity is divided into three genotypes:


1. #42 – main part, more that 5 billion

2. #44 – the “golden billion” which have a brain brought from the moons of other planets in the Solar System.

3. #46 – the “golden million” = 1’2000’000 people dumped from the Sun planet.

M. Is this an old racist teaching in new clothes? I believe that by the term “genotype” he means “internal structure of higher brain functions”.

X. He mentions that the Sun is a planet and not a star, and is not larger than Earth.

M. Logical error here. He accepts the distance to the Sun as 150 million km. Everybody with a naked eye can determine that the angular size of the Sun as seen from the Earth is approximately 30 arcminutes. Then, it follows that the Sun is much larger than the Earth. In astronomy a star is an astronomical object which emits its own light. He borrowed his ideas from the Space Odyssey 2001, when they try to turn Jupiter or Saturn into a star.

X. The change of genotype #42 into #44 and #44 occurs during Easter. Up to 2009 all Easters happened during the III-rd phase of the Moon.

M. The second sentence is not true.

X. In 2009 the creation of genotypes #44 and #46 was finished and the #42’s can be destroyed. The 2009 Easter at 19 April will happen at a new Moon, and the Earth System of Control will destroy #42 people. The Moon will remove the rests of their brain functions. The process will take three years up to 2012. Earlier, there existed a week-long cycle starting from 9 Ab (Jewish calendar), when all of these to whom a new brain would not fit were destroyed (“kholokhost”).

M. These are ramblings of a schizophrenic antisemite.

X. Then he mentions the Julian and Gregorian calendars and the Metonic cycle.

M. This again are bits of Morozov’s research.

Section 16. Lunar unidentified flying objects (UFOs)

X. All “lunatics” reside inside the Moon. The atmosphere of the Moon is there only for the control, and surviving in this atmosphere without means of protection is impossible.

M. I suspect he really does not believe in Moon landings.

X. To control its own surface and the atmosphere, the Moon commands its own UFOs. These are mostly automated, but some are piloted. The maximal height of flight is less than 2 kilometers. The “lunatics” are not destined for the Earth. They contain sufficiently comfortable conditions for work and rest. There are total 242 object on the Moon (36 types), and 16 of these have pilots. Analogous object can be found on some other moons, including Phobos.

M. Everybody should read instead two sci-fi books about the Moon by Polish writers:

One is a trilogy entitled “On a silver globe” by Jerzy Żuławski. His grandson Andrzej Żuławski made a sci-fi movie based on his grandfather’s books.


The second is “Peace on Earth” by Stanislaw Lem.

These are a lot better than this stuff and much better than Jules Verne.

Section 17. Lunar protection shield

X. He says that the Moon has a special status and is protected by an antigravitational shield, which deflects any impacting meteorite. There is no shield from the Earth’s side.

M. Therefore we can land on the Moon, unfortunately not on the far side.

X. He says the the Moon is the only satellite which has a direct link with the planet Sur rotating around the Megrez star.

M. The Big Sur in California coast is the place where rich people live (with spider brains).

Section 18. Distant communication link


X. Communications with Sur require enormous amounts of energy. The link is open only during three months after the vernal equinox. The link bandwidth depends on the speed of light which depends in turn on the frequency of the signal. Total of 216 symbols are transmitted during one cycle of communication. Only one cycle of transmission is available after the end of each Metonic cycle. The next cycle will happen in 11.4 year, and this will deplete the energy resources of the Solar System by 30%.

M. Let’s break into this link and send the spiders a big upright middle finger.

Section 19. The lunar phases again

X. He argues that the geometrical form of the lunar phases cannot be described by the current astronomical model. Then he says that according to encyclopedias the Moon rotates around the Earth, therefore we should see the change of all 10 (sic) phases in a three days.

M. I will only comment that three-dimensional perspective may be hard to visualize. Sometimes you can see the Sun and the Moon simultaneously in the sky. If you draw a straight line joining them, then use can see that the lunar terminator is not perpendicular to this line. What you should do instead is to draw a segment of a great circle. From the point of an observer on the surface of the Earth these are objects which are practically at infinity.

X. He finishes by repeating that the surface of the Moon reflects nothing. If the Moon’s systems would be switched off by removing the frequencies from the Moon-Earth communications links, then the Moon should cease to be seen. Moreover, switching off some of the gravitational frequencies in the communications link should move the Moon to the distance of more than 1 million kilometers away.

M. Lets switch off the Moon and see what really happens.

Q: As you pointed out so well, the idea of Hatybov is that of so many contradictions…do you think this individual actually existed? What do you make of his larger body of work? Also of note, it appears that Hatybov is attached to Nicolai Levashov. Have you looked into this individual and his aterial/writings? he appears to be a L. Ron Hubbard type from Russia, at least to me. Any thoughts on this individual?

Levanshov with Laurance Rockefeller

A. Yes, Nikolai Levashov is definitely a Russian bootleg copy of Ron Hubbard. There is enough critical information on him in Russian sources. Russian Wikipedia, is very critic of him:

Levanshov the televangelist,_%D0%9D%D0%B8%D0%BA%D0%BE%D0%BB%D0%B0%D0%B9_%D0%92%D0%B8%D0%BA%D1%82%D0%BE%D1%80%D0%BE%D0%B2%D0%B8%D1%87

On Lurkmore, you can find an acid satire:

There is another one person there, called Shkudnev Fedor Dmitrievitsh:

Their works are to be found at the so called Russian Science and Technology Institute

and at the Center of Preemptive Strategies

I have no contacts with trusted persons in Russia in order to verify if Khatybov was real or not. I believe you cannot definitely check this on the basis of Internet materials only. The information is scarce. You could in theory seek to contact Bauman Moscow State Technical University:

Allegedly he finished his studies in 1969 there.

You could also try to reach any of the living academics who allegedly highly esteemed his work. The list of names can be found for example here:

Now I will present my opinion from a more general point of view.

Russians from the times of the beginning of the Soviet Union were always lagging behind in the area of technology and application of sciences. This is well explained in the works of Anthony C. Sutton:

especially in his three volume opus “Soviet Union and the Transfer of Wester Technology”.–Western-Technology-1917-1930–Western-Technology-1930-1945–Western-Technology-1945-1965

They were instead good in theoretical physics and mathematics, because these required only a paper and a pencil, and a lot of time to think, which was easily to come by in a prison type scientific institutes called Sharashkas.

One good example would be the application of Petr Ufimtsev’s Physical Diffraction Theory by American engineers from Lockheed, who designed the stealth F117 bomber. Russians to this day do not posses any comparable technology.

After the fall of the Soviet Union, most of the bright scientists moved to the West. An examples of their achievements can be seen for example from the 2010 Nobel Prize for the discovery of graphene:

Their place was partially taken by charlatans such as Levashov. In recent years Russian government had at their disposal a lot of money reserves, because of high oil prices (not anymore). They tried to revive the sciences by investing money resources. Unfortunately, as is common in Russia it lead only to large defrauding scandals and missing billions of rubles. An example of this would be a state sponsored RUSNANO corporation:

Official financial losses of RUSNANO in 2016 were equal to 17.4 billions of rubles:

Another one is a “a Silicon Valley clone” called Skolkovo:

which is now called “a scam of the century”

There is no real scientific progress being done in Russia now. You see instead a rise of a type of pseudoscience exemplified by Khatybov material. I believe that the originators of these materials count on some financial gains from the ignorant public of the West or from incompetent Russian government.

Q: All of this fascinating. This is a brilliant breakout of his work. I do hope that we can tear apart more this character’s work in the future, especially your take on his €œFundamentals of the Creation of Humankind.€ Spiders, management systems, genotype classifications, octaves…I have always felt at its basis this was a science fiction form of Marxism or Conflict Theory. Or, at the very least, a pseudo-technical allegory of the Archons of Gnosticism.

What are you currently working on in terms of alternate reserach?€ Is there a means people can reach out to you?

A: If we assume that at least some part of Khatybov’s work has some merit one could try find connections to observable reality. The most straightforward way in my opinion would be to identify communications between various parts of the Control System he describes. I we stick to real physics and not to astral planes€ then we could assume that these signals are transmitted in the realm of electromagnetic waves. Now the question arises, in which part of the frequency spectrum these communications take place? He says that messages are encoded in Russian letters. The whole message is composed of 2304 letters and transmission takes 38 minutes and 24 seconds, which is exactly 2304 seconds. You see that the link bandwidth is extremely low: only one letter per second. As we know from the Information Theory the link bandwith is directly proportional to the frequency of the carrier signal. Therefore, we could safely assume that communications take place in the VLF of ELF part of the spectrum.

Another fact which points in the direction or VLF or ELF is that the Control System occupies the whole Earth, from the depths of many kilometers below ground to the upper parts of the atmosphere. Khatybov calls it “atmospheric mesh”. The natural frequencies of Earth’s resonances are of the order of tens of Hertz (beats per second), and are known as Schumann resonances.

The third interesting fact is the existence of Russian ELF communications system called ZEVS. They use it allegedly to communicate with their nuclear attack submarines. The ELF signal penetrates great depths of salt water, and can reach a submarine lying on the ocean floor. The bandwidth of this system is very low. Different letters are encoded in different frequencies, the same way as octave system described by Khatybov.

The VLF receiver is a relatively simple device and can be easily made even by a person without much experience in electronics. In its most primitive form it can be just a large coil, the ends of which are connected to the input of the computer audio card. Low frequency electromagnetic waves by way of electromagnetic induction generate signals with acoustic frequencies, that can be presented on the computer display by a specialized program such as SPECTRAN.

One could also try to point a big TV dish in the direction of the Moon and try to catch some messages from there. I believe that at least the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter is still orbiting the Moon and sending signals to Earth.

As to the means of reaching me out, anyone can leave comments on the blog and I would try to answer any questions through you.

JA: Thank you so much for your time, Dr. Willow. I look forward to chatting with you in the future regarding other Fortean topics.

10 Replies to “Breaking Down the Hatybov Mythos : A Perspective from Europe”

  1. After reading Dr. Willow’s comments… I’m still not sure what to make of the (K)Hatybov material.
    There is JUST enough legitimacy to the writing to make it hard to discount entirely. And you’ve pointed out before that the writings you have access to seem tampered with. And then there was that weird article I shared with you about prolonging ones life indefinitely…
    What do you think about it, now?

    1. I still think it’s been tampered with, possibly by Levanshov, and perhaps the original material was much more philosophical than what we see. Willow has read other material I’ve not had access to, and I’m excited to run through that with him in the future.

    1. Anonmity of the web is always difficult to gauge, but I do believe his research and opinion to be sincere. His interests and perspectives will most certainly add to the whole of the issue

  2. Once you start looking into shit like this you can’t try to prove or disprove it through the science they have out there, its more through personal experience. For instance the owl story

      1. Sorry for being vague but i told u once about how i read the material you posted then 30 seconds after an owl appeared on the tree outside.

  3. If you can use it on your individual path in a meaningful way, then do. If it means only speculating in the wind on nothing but science fiction with toy and clever gadgets, just to ponder on the copy-cat inventions of a pseudo-initiatic fiction found on the internet & worse given credibility, in the world where we breathe, using our consciousness on those who keep digging deeper & deeper into this World’s corpses…like most of the scientists debating for approval while they themselves are drowning in an abyss of obnoxious fickle “waves” using instruments made of plastic and glass, filled with artificial electricity, controlled thru mathematical exploits like so many Chinese shadows dancing in a Socratic Cave, pythagorized ?…then just throw it out the window, and the baby in the bath water as well!
    But perhaps I’m just being uselessly facetious? Or is there an immortal in the brush?
    In any case, always do appreciate your sincere research!

  4. Well……..its good to see how some people think about certain subjects…..I really can’t say I was impressed with his logic/reasoning or observations. I can only say when I see people approach subjects in this manner it makes me look at the wild theories as perhaps even more valid then I would have thought. I guess I should thank him………….

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